Books Be Shared Community

Boosk Be Shared Community

This is a forum that is monitored by Tutor Hunt team. Its an ample forum to Give/Take books just on humanitarian grounds. There are some salient reasons behind building this social community which we believe stand core objectives. More books will required more pages, more pages will foment way for tree being cut down that will result in trees shortage. Shortage of trees will cause "Green House Effect" that will make our universe hostile place for our next generations. Books rates are on rife and becoming out of reach for common people. So, learning process and accumulation of knowledge shouldn't stop at any level. One could post here to lend or borrow books for specific period if needed. Remember, being honest will encourage all members readily available to give/take books. Lets make foundation for a remarkable community sharing source of leanings. Being part of this community will demand you to be respectful to every member of this group. I must say, fear God and don't deceive or hoax anyone. If you believe that you could help anyone in this regard, We cordially invite you to be part of this Group. Live like Family, help like family members.
Set Goals
The prime objective of this community is to provide books to underprivileged students. Secondly, it could help parents to reduce cost incurred due to hefty prices of books. Thirdly, it could become possible for parents and students to get access to used books easily that will result in minimizing demand for new books in markets, less plants be cut down, environment could be improved. Fourthly, this community will provide new sources to have ebooks in advanced technological Era. 5th, it will introduce new books being written by writers that could develop the habit of reading in new generation. 6th, it will introduce new tricks and techniques to develop learning abilities in kids. I cordially invite you to join this community and do your bit to lift literacy rate of Pakistan in Asia.

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